Origin of the name “Moorefield”


1796 – Patrick Moore was convicted in county Meath, Ireland and transported to NSW for life.

1797, May 27 – Moore arrived in NSW aboard the “Britannia”.  He worked as a blacksmith in Parramatta and co-habited with Rose Green.  They had three children all of whom eventually predeceased Patrick and Rose.

1806 – Patrick was granted a conditional pardon.

1812, August 25 – Irish emancipist, Patrick Moore, was granted 60 acres at Botany Bay which he farmed.

1851, September 29 – Patrick died and the property passed into the hands of a second Patrick Moore who was the Irish born nephew of the original Patrick Moore.  Patrick (nephew) increased his landholdings at Kogarah to 163 acres a lot of which was Patmore’s Swamp.

1877 – Patrick (nephew) died and the estate (which included a magnificent two storey mansion facing President Ave) was passed to his wife and only son Peter, then aged 21.

1884 -Peter Moore embarked on a bold speculation to establish horse racing in the now developing St George district.  His racecourse, to be called Moorefield Race Course, would be on a scale comparable with any course in Sydney.

1888, October 13 – First race meeting at Moorefield Race Course was a resounding success.  A crowd of over 3000 filled the ground.

Ø Earnshaw, Beverley. The land between two rivers : the St George district in federation times, Kogarah, N.S.W. : Kogarah Historical Society, 2001.


Moorefield Girls High School & James Cook Boys High School


Moorefield Race Course 19541954 – The initial First Year intake of Moorefield students was “housed” in four spare rooms of the then new Jannali Girls High.  The following year these students were split and those who lived on the St George side of the Georges River attended Hurstville Girls Junior High while those who lived on the Sutherland side of the Georges River attended the new Port Hacking High (co-ed).

1954, July – 19 (27?) acres (bordered by Princes Highway and President Avenue) purchased from Sydney Turf Club by the Education Department for £60,000.

1955, January – Moorefield Girls High School originally opened as Hurstville Girls Junior High School having moved into buildings vacated by Hurstville Central Home Science School which had moved to and became Penshurst Girls High School.  There were 3 First Year classes and the 2 Second Year classes were students who had transferred from Jannali Girls High School. 

1955, November – Monier Builders P/L tendered to build two secondary schools to serve surrounding districts.  Maximum enrolment 1000 pupils each school.  A Technical College was to be erected on an adjoining site of 9 acres.

1956 – Minister for Education, Mr R J Heffron approved tender of Monier Builders Pty Ltd for Stage One of high school project for £160,000.  Stage One to consist of a manual training block, a home science block, assembly areas and paths, toilets, shelters and special food preparation units.  The two new blocks to be used as temporary classrooms until Stage Two was complete.

Hurstville Girls Junior High now had 4 First Year classes, 3 Second Year classes and its 2 Third Year classes who undertook the Intermediate Certificate.

1957, February – First stages of both schools were occupied at the beginning of the school year by First Year students only (359 boys and 408 girls).  Other years remained at Hurstville Girls’ Junior High School until completion of Stage Two.  The total cost of Stage One, for both schools was £160,000.  Work on boy’s was school temporarily suspended.

1957, April – Projected completion date of the girls’ school with the exception of Administration and Science Blocks.  Classroom Block was completed and 275 girls in Second, Third and Fourth Years transferred from Hurstville Girls Junior High.

1957, July – Projected recommencement of work on boys’ school.

Moorefield Girls High School 19571957, December – Projected completion of both schools.  Expected cost of Stage Two, £345,000.  Total enrolment at Moorefield Girls High School was 681 students.  Total building cost of two schools was eventually £512,000.

1958 – Nineteen Fifth Year students were the first Moorefield girls to sit for the Leaving Certificate.

1959, August – Enrolment at James Cook Boys’ High had increased to 950.

1973 – Library & Science Block                       

???? – Gymnasium

13 Responses to “History”

  1.   Sandra Floyd Budd (nee Kirby( Says:

    Hi I attended Morrefield Girls from 1958 to 1962 or 3
    I am trying to find out dates, teacher names, etc. for a creative writing exercise. Would love to be able to contact other class girls. I have one still from school but others would be great.

  2.   marilyn hopkins now hogan Says:

    i was in 2bc and 2bc..have connected with margaret spies and dianne cook would like to hear from more

  3.   Maxine Burke(nee Munns) Says:

    Was send a cutting from the Telegraph 18/9/12 with my name in it, regarding a reunion to be held 27/10/12. I attended Moorefield Girls High from1958 to 1960. Hope all who attend have a great time catching up the last 42 years. I moved to Brisbane Qld 40 years ago, with my husband and 3 children, 2 boys 1 girl, have 9 grandchildren and enjoying life and a granny,

  4.   Sylvia Hicks(Wellington) Says:

    Hi Sandra, I remember, Mathematics 1&2, Miss Nicholls, Mrs .Clegg, Latin, Miss Wilson, French and German, Mrs Watters, Physics and Chemistry, Miss Novak, History, will post more if I remember them. Sylvia Hicks(Wellington). :)

  5.   Judy Kenworthy (nee Wilson) Says:

    I attended Moorefield GHS 1958 to 1960 1AH 2BC 3BC. Would love to catch up with any girls from my classes. Especially Bronwyn Jones. I am now living in Hervey Bay Qld, we had 3 boys, 6 grandchildren and our 1st great arriving in June.

  6.   Pam latham Says:

    I attended Moorefield GHS 1958 to 1960 Would love to catch up with anyone from those years. My 1st year was ok,then went to 2nd year on probation & this wonderful teacher Miss Tarlington rescued me, also had a maths teacher Miss Rees, that is another story, would love to hear from Wendy Kershaw & Florence? Had some fun times there.

  7.   Kylie Says:

    My Mum, Marilyn Anderson, attended Moorefield between 1963 and 1965. I am desperately trying to locate her best friend Diane Williams. If anyone knows of her whereabouts I would love to put them in contact. Many Thanks.

  8.   Glenys Gardiner (Cannings) Says:

    Hi , I attended MGHS 59 to 64 . Think that’s right .Anyone know of Robyn Herbert, Lorraine Rich ,Dianne Robertson . Would love to know how they are

  9.   Chris MacKinnon Says:

    Pretty sure the gym opened in 1975. I can remember being one of the first classes allowed in once it opened.

  10.   Adele Lofthouse nee Russell Says:

    attended Moorefield between 1960-61-62 was in 1ch 2bh 3bh still friends with Sandra Albertson nee Criss

  11.   Sandra albertson. (Nee Criss) Says:

    Hi I attended moorefield in 1960 ,61,62 was in 1bh , 2bh,3bh. Was and still are friends with Adele Lofthouse (nee Russell)

  12.   Sandra albertson. (Nee Criss) Says:

    Hi trying to locate either JANE waters , meg waters or JASSY waters if anyone can help it would be much appreciated

  13.   Sandra albertson. (Nee Criss) Says:

    Hi Sandra Kirby. I remember you o. The foleys buses, I was always jealous of your black briefcase lol. Hope your doing well

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